Marie Luxford

Giulia Burdet is a fantastic chef, her dishes are very creative and innovative and always look great. Combining Mediterranean traditions with innovative twists inspired by Asian and other cuisines, she always manages to create something new, different and surprising with top class quality. She is also a wonderful person, very patient and attentive to frequent special needs of guests, including vegan dishes or food intolerances. Whether we looked for a special dinner for us as a couple or a bigger event with lots of guests, Giulia was always a perfect choice. We have had the privilege of trying her food for many years now and always look forward to the next time we will have her with us.

JUNE 2023

If you're dreaming of an extraordinary culinary journey in your trip to Corfu, look no further! Our recent dinner for 4 persons at a private villa was nothing short of sensational, all thanks to the incredible talents of Chef Guily from #BurdetGourmet. From the moment we contacted Chef Guily, we were met with unparalleled flexibility and responsiveness. Planning the timing and menu for the dinner was an absolute breeze, allowing us to customize our experience to perfection. But here's where the evening took an exceptional turn. Before indulging in the mouthwatering dinner, we decided to partake in a two-hour cooking class with Chef Guily, and oh, what an unforgettable decision it was! The atmosphere was brimming with fun and laughter, as Chef Guily effortlessly guided us through the art of filleting fish for the very first time. It was both an educational and entertaining experience, and we even got to lend a hand in preparing some of the dishes for the upcoming feast. And then came the moment of magic! Chef Guily took the reins and wowed us with an Italian cuisine pleasure infused with the freshest Corfu products. The flavors danced on our taste buds, and each dish was a true masterpiece, beautifully plated and served at a level that could rival any Michelin-starred restaurant. The evening was elevated even further with an expertly curated selection of wines that perfectly complemented the exquisite flavors of each course. The whole experience left us utterly speechless! We can't thank Chef Guily enough for this unforgettable journey into the world of fine dining and culinary delights. If you find yourself in Corfu and crave an unparalleled private dining experience, we wholeheartedly recommend reaching out to #BurdetGourmet and Chef Guily. Your guests will thank you, and you'll be left with memories to cherish forever.

MAY 2023

To whom it may concern, It is my pleasure to recommend Giulia Burdet. She worked with our family from the 15.10.19 to 15.12.20 During this time, Giulia was responsible for shopping for all the groceries required, preparing meal including snacks and dinner for our family of 4 with young children as well as plating, clearing the table and cleaning dishes and kitchen. Giulia followed our gluten free, soya free, coconut free vegan diet. She was flexible when we had guests. We really appreciated her professional attitude and positivity. Giulia always respected our house and every rule in place, she was polite, on time, honest and easy to get along with.

Sincerely Gaël Clichy