About ME

Chef Burdet Gourmet 


  I am an Italian, freelance, private chef born and raised in Italy. I am currently based in Corfù, Greece.

With a back ground of culinary studies in Italy Ive dedicate the past 15 years to cooking, building my knowledge and gaining a wealth of experience in Michelin Stars restaurant’s; Relays Chateaux and ***** Hotels in Sardinia, Turin, Switzerland, Liguria, Tuscany, San Francisco and Boston.

    Five years ago I felt ready to follow my own path where I embarked on a new role as a private chef in Italy. My new path took me around the world gaining experience abroad in Istanbul, France, Los Angeles, Aspen, Klosters-serneus and Corfù. I feel I gained a huge amount of experience from adapting to all the various roles and my passion for learning and sharing my love of food has only grown within this time.

   The past five years I have also realised my true love to teach  so I started up my own culinary classes in a private school and online. The success of these allowed me to also organise  competition’s where other professionals could reproduce my recipes and compete with other students resulting in awards.


 As a chef  Im very dynamic and can adapt to change with ease. I run a calm kitchen and believe myself to be a pleasant and hard working person who has a passion for exceptional food and who enjoys cooking month watering dishes. My cuisine can be very creative or very traditional.

   I have good knowledge of first materials and I love mediterranean cuisine. I am also confident to cook Asian and Mexican cuisine. Ive clients from around the world so I am used to adjusting my cuisine to different request’s and preferences .

I also have experience of middle eastern cuisine, kosher, vegan and gluten free, so I feel confident to provide any requests that may arise. I also welcome any new diets or special requests that may be required.

Baking is another passion of mine, especially with sourdough.